Conifer Collection Silk Twill Pocket Square

“For me, nature has always been a constant source of inspiration and delight, so this composition is my gift to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the sincerity and beauty of the forest. The twigs of pine trees, cones, juniper berries, feathers, and delicate, intricate leaves – these are an assortment of the small souvenirs that I collect during strolls through the woods. This design is a breath of the forest’s lively, mysterious atmosphere, which you can always carry and keep with you."

Artwork by Alena Tkach, Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Original, hand-drawn pencil artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection.
  • Reproduced on a classic 100% silk twill, known for its timeless elegance and delicate hand.
  • Ideally sized at 14.2 x 14.2 in (36 x 36 cm) and using a medium-weight silk, this pocket square creates beautiful folds and won’t fall into or bulge out of your breast pocket.
  • Hand-finished hems and corners add the luxurious detailing that top European makers are known for.
  • Crafted from start to finish by a family-owned mill in Como, Italy.
$85 USD
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