Singeleza Mandala ‘Gum Twill’
Silk Necktie – White/Mixed Blue

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“Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of sheet music. I’ve always been amazed how an assortment of notes and melodies can come together to represent an entire symphony of sound on paper. Every composition is a story written in a universal language, one that can be retold with almost any instrument.”

Artwork by Ana Moreira, São João da Madeira, Portugal

  • Featuring a pattern developed from original, hand-drawn artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection.
  • Reproduced on a distinctive ‘gum-twill’ silk, giving the necktie a uniquely smooth, chalky hand and soft-hued color palette.
  • Utilizing three-fold, self-tipped construction – the industry standard in premium men’s neckwear.
  • Ideally sized at 8.5 x 150 cm (3.35 x 59 in) for a classic look that suits a wide range of body types.
  • Made with a custom-cut, 100% wool lining that is slightly thicker at the neck to create a fuller knot and more pronounced dimple.
  • Crafted from start to finish by a family-owned mill in Como, Italy.

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