R.Culturi X The Shoe Snob – The Madison Full Strap Loafer Silk Twill Pocket Square

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When the sun comes out one thinks of his loafers. The easy, go-to style of this shoe makes dressing seem effortless, especially for those in warmer, coastal climates.  The setting for this pocket square goes hand in hand with the feel of this environment and the aura of what one wears there.

Just think of yourself in a fine, cream linen suit, sockless and a pair of brown suede loafers. The only things missing would be the Panamanian hat and this pocket square.

The Madison loafer is the modern alternative to your classic penny loafer. Adorning a full strap across the vamp, this model has seen tremendous growth in recent years as people move to a more modern look.  Although updated, it still maintains a timeless manner about it, providing a classic cut of the last shape.  A loafer is the automatic and sensible choice in the warmer months and we love to pair one with a lightweight summer suit and colorful handkerchief!

Designed by Justin Fitzpatrick and Alena Tkach.

  • Original, hand-drawn pencil artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection.
  • Reproduced on a classic 100% silk twill, known for its timeless elegance and delicate hand.
  • Newly sized at 16.5 x 16.5 in (42 x 42cm) and using a medium-weight silk, this pocket square creates beautiful folds and won’t fall into or bulge out of your breast pocket.
  • Hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems add the luxurious detailing that top European makers are known for.
  • Crafted from start to finish by a family-owned mill in Como, Italy.

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