Fish and Lotus
Silk Twill Scarf

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“Drawings of fish originated from prehistoric hunting and fishing civilizations. Fish represent numerous positive ideas. They can stand for productivity and fecundity because fish lay many eggs at once. When drawn in a pair, fish symbolize harmony and love between two people. Since fish don’t blink their eyes they were also believed to protect one’s property and precious belongings and were often used on locks and door knobs. The lotus has various meanings as well. It can signify nobility and, in Buddhism, it represents enlightenment and rebirth. Like the fish, this beautiful flower is also meant to bestow eternal love and harmonious life on a young couple.”

Artwork by Haesuk Jung, Seoul, South Korea. Learn more about Haesuk Jung, his work, and our collaboration for the R. Culturi collection.

  • Original, hand-drawn pencil artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection.
  • Reproduced on an exquisite 100% silk twill fabric, famous for its elegance, versatility, and subtle sheen.
  • Ideally sized at 43.3 x 43.3 in (110 x 110 cm) and using a medium-weight silk, this scarf drapes and folds beautifully while producing just the right amount of volume.
  • Hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems add the luxurious detailing that top European makers are known for.
  • Crafted from start to finish by a family-owned mill in Como, Italy.

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