Younes Essouabi

Rabat, Morocco

Younes Essouabi is a self-taught painter from Rabat, Morocco whose works have been displayed in several national exhibitions. While Younes is most recognized for his oil and acrylic painted abstract artwork, he is also a talented pencil illustrator. In fact, it’s his work in this medium that has led to a side career as a tattoo artist. When not painting, sketching, or tattooing, Younes participates in the restoration of old buildings in his hometown. For him, this not only provides an opportunity to apply his work in a unique way but also to help integrate art into other people’s daily lives.


Nature Merveilleuse

“The idea of this artwork is to represent the splendor and joy of springtime – the rivers that begin to flow anew, the happiness we feel when looking at flowers in bloom, and all of the colors in magnificent harmony. This harmony reflects the beauty of creation – nature merveilleuse!”

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