Jennifer Hawkyard

Cardigan, Wales

Practically born with a pencil in her hand, Jennifer Hawkyard has been drawing animals since she can remember. Although she grew up in Northern England, Jennifer went on to study Art and Design in Canada and landed a job with a web design firm based in Newmarket, Ontario. She rose through the ranks quickly, becoming Art Director and managing her own team after only a few years with the company. Still, her passion lay in pursuing her own art career and she left her job in 2016 to do just that. Since moving back to Wales, Jennifer has been refining her craft, experimenting with new styles, and displaying at local galleries and art tours. Her newfound freedom has given her time to develop her magnum opus, the Totem Project, which includes 30 unique works and counting. Read more about Jennifer Hawkyard in our interview on VOIR.CULTURI.


Stag Totem

“The Stag Totem represents confidence and dignity. He stands proud in the wilderness, wholly comfortable and connected with his environment. He is Lord of the forest and protector of his herd. To catch a glimpse of his esteemed figure is to feel at peace. As the Lion is king of the plains, so is the Stag a master of his domain. It is our privilege to be in his presence.”

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