Daniel Tinagan

Iloilo City, Philippines

Daniel Tinagan is a self-professed coffee monster. He subsists mainly on coffee and Marlboro Reds. An established and successful slacker, Daniel spends his free time drifting into the void of whatever. Daniel’s work is heavily influenced by Filipino mythology and indigenous culture. He is the founder and owner of BKNWA, a street-wear brand bearing his trademark style. What started as a small project has grown into a cult following in his hometown of Iloilo City. Daniel juggles his career in design with operating BKNWA, fueling himself with coffee and Marlboros. Read more about Daniel Tinagan in our interview.



“The flow from which life came. The fantastic process of a start and an end. This piece was created to point out the fact that an ending is just as beautiful as a beginning. The tides that have brought us ashore will be the same tides that will wash us away.”


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