Mario Alba

Barcelona, Spain

While drawing and painting have always been his foremost passions, Mario Alba is devoted to continuously developing his creative thinking in any field or medium. As such, he has studied Design as well as Fine Art at the prestigious Escola de la Llotja in Barcelona – the same institute that gave the world Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. Mario’s work often incorporates a beautiful female figure, paradoxically surrounded by course elements such as wilted flowers or bones. This, in addition to the charactertic unfinished look of his artwork, is meant to convey that our idea of the ‘truth’ is never fully accurate and that even beauty is full of sorrow.




“In Greek mythology, the Náyades were nymphs that inhabited fresh water bodies like fountains, springs, streams and glens. This design is directly inspired by the water’s dancing femininity and its lightness and softness, all resting in the printed silk.”


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