Ksenia Selianko

Kiev, Ukraine

Ksenia Selianko often says that watercolor painting chose her. No matter what other styles she tries, she always comes back to watercolor. Ksenia’s artwork follows the wet, washed-out ‘English Method’, which gives her paintings a surreal, dream-like ambiance. Ksenia explores a range of subject matter in her work – architecture, still life, people, and even abstractionism. Life itself is her biggest inspiration. Whether a combination of colors or textures, interesting silhouettes and shadows, or a phrase she hears in passing on the street, for Ksenia, anything can become an initial stimulation or idea. Read more about Ksenia Selianko in our interview on VOIR.CULTURI.


Wave of Modernity

“In the creation of this design, I was inspired by the style of Art Nouveau with its natural, curved lines and ornate rhythm. The emphasis of this movement was to celebrate individuality and dynamism all the while maintaining a recognizable grace.”

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