Anna Simkin

Tel Aviv, Israel

Anna was born in Ryazan, Russia, grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, and now spends much of her time living and working in Varanasi, India. It’s this diversity in Anna’s background and upbringing that spurred her insatiable curiosity. It was her father’s own hobby of painting that inspired her to channel it towards art. Many of Anna’s works are based in the Zentangle style, with subject matter influenced by the “magic” that she uncovers in the world around her everyday. Every creation is a glimpse into her subconscious, manifested on paper. Read more about Anna Simkin in our interview on VOIR.CULTURI.

Barroco Mandala

“This piece is inspired by the Baroque era of classical music. A continuous, uniform key is complemented by various musical ornamentations, adding a sense of drama, exuberance, and grandeur. Yet, no matter how embellished, Baroque music and art always remains grounded by structure, thus able to maintain an undeniable elegance and poise.” 

Infinito Mandala

“All art and creation is infinite. Whether a writer, painter, illustrator, sculptor, photographer, or musician, one’s work contributes to furthering a craft, to shaping a movement, and to making a style an eternal part of history. Nothing is for naught if it lasts forever.”

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