About Us

What is R.Culturi?

R. Culturi was founded with the intention of doing something different in classic women’s and menswear. We began by collaborating with local artists from around the world in order to design unique pocket squares, neckties, and scarves. Since the beginning, our fabrics and worksmanship has been sourced from small, family-owned aterliers in Naples and Como, Italy in order to bring each artwork to life sartorially.

We develop each design and product from the ground up to look and feel like a truly luxurious work of art that you can wear everyday. Every step in making our accessories, from the cut and lining of our ties, to the hand-rolled edges of our pocket squares, is done with thought and intention because we know it’s the details that matter most.

We now have two collections in our catalogue. Our Art Collection offers avant-garde pieces meant to tell a wonderful story and allow the wearer to partake in the artist’s vision. Our Heritage Collection, on the other hand, consists of pieces more suitable to everyday and casual wear crafted from the finest fabrics we could get our hands on. Both collections are meant to complement one another within your wardrobe.

We are firm believers that what you choose to wear should speak for you without saying a word and our goal at R. Culturi is to create products that do just that. Discover our collection and see for yourself what sets us apart from the crowd.